First & Second Grades

First Grade

The First Graders at George E. Peters Adventist School are learning about Jesus and how to make Him their Best Friend.  We learn about Him in all our subject areas and during worship times.

Each morning we are “Hiking with Jesus” through the Primary Devotional Book.  In Bible, we understand that we all are part of His Eternal Family.  Our Math class involves us in solving problems that are easy and challenging.  Since our classroom is one of the classrooms piloting the new Reading program, we sometimes have special guests visit our school and classroom.  This program includes all our English, Spelling, Handwriting and Phonics.

After Lunch and Recess, we have Social Studies and Science.  These subjects allow us to explore other continents, countries, people, landforms and culture.

As each day comes to an end we sing, “Whisper A Prayer,” our theme song for this year.

Please feel free to come by and visit us if you are in the area, or make it a point to come and visit us.