Ms. Gladys Kelly

Kindergarten Teacher and Spanish Instructor


Gladys Kelley is going on her 11th year at George E. Peters Adventist School.  Originally from the Dominican Republic she is fluent in both English and Spanish and deeply rooted in her Spanish roots.  Ms. Kelley received her BA in English Education from Columbia Union College (now Washington Adventist University) and a MA in Second Language Acquisition and Application from the University Maryland.
Ms. Kelley has a wide variety of skills which have been put to use in one way or another since coming to G. E. Peters.  She has been the fifth grade teacher, seventh and eighth grade homeroom teacher, the bible teacher as well as the social studies teacher.  Ms. Kelley is full of energy and exerts all of it when teaching her students.  She truly loves each and every one of her students and gives them 100% of her attention and effort.  In her spare time she loves fiddling with technology, photography, writing, and traveling where ever possible.
“I love being at George E. Peters because I have the opportunity to teach everyone and see children grow step by step.” (Kelley, personal communications, 2006)