School Objectives

In harmony with our philosophy, the objectives of our school is as follows:

1. To lead our students to an awareness of God and the constant nearness of Him the Creator and Source of all life

2. To promote the Seventh-day Adventist standards of living.

3. To assist in the formation of a Christian character by emphasizing self-discipline and responsibility.

4. To develop mastery of the primary tools of knowledge- reading, writing, language skills, and number concepts.

5. To foster in each student a positive self-image.

6. To instill in the heart and mind of each student respect for himself and others.

7. To help each student learn the importance of good health and physical fitness.

8. To provide opportunities to develop an appreciation for the fine arts and to encourage the development of creative abilities.

9. To encourage students to develop a sense of responsibility, the feeling of dignity and the acceptance of honest labor.

10. To develop attitudes of discrimination of values and sound judgments.

11. To develop well rounded personalities.